My name is Yuu. I'm making the CC used in the Sims3.

I love your work! But could you tell me where you got the hair for Murasakibara at all please?

Thank you for the message.(*’▽’) hairstyle murasakibara I downloaded from here.

Hey um I figured out stuff with the uniforms and not being able to download them but I was wondering, could you make the summer uniform for adults/young adults?

Oh, Teen only is making uniforms for summer. We believe the request because there are many very, want to make, but do not know when it will be. I’m sorry for not be able to answer clearly.((+_+))

I cant download your uniforms and I really love them so much but it keeps saying "404 error" and its really stressing because they r so cool! Please answer me, I really love your work!

Thank you for the message. I have created a uniform of some. Please tell me which is uniform whether the error. It is very easy to understand and teach us a URL.(*^^*)

aya2aya33 asked:
hi.... im looking for anime sims(for sims 3)... i was wondering if you can pls direct me where to download male anime sims? im very desperate >_< it's soo hard to find some!!

Hello. Thank you for the message! I have made ​​with their own cartoon character. Costume can be downloaded from my site. If you’re looking animated characters other, I can not support. I am sorry.
My site is here.(*^_^*)




Sooo…these are some eyeballs about people

I was inspired by some things, and I gave them these names xD

However…these are the overlays, so the eyes are recolorable, but they have these colors as base. The eyes with grey overlay are fully recolorable. Also the others, but the color will not change too much, even if I can say you can get really interesting combinations! :)

- Both genders and ages.

- Thumbnails

Credits to:

- BrntWaffles for reflections 

- mrLenski for textures about Skyrim eyes 

Me for blending, adaptations, and improvements (they’re really HQ).

The default includes new sclera and teeth.

Notes: The beauty of these eyes is right the color of each one, so as default -with grey overlay- they wouldn’t be so particular…for this reason I made just one default.

And ‘Sunrise’ are perfect for those people with partial heterochromia like me.

I recommend to use my sclera as costume make up -you can have more make up for location with Master Controller- if you have default eyes with big iris!




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Thank you always for everything. I love you all<333

詰め込み過ぎた感アリアリなpose packです



ポーズ中で使用させて頂いている Kuma-chan bear backpackRUKISIMSさんよりお借りしています。ありがとうございます:)

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